Thursday, March 08, 2007

I didn't tell you about The French Baker in Barra. Every morning he would make a tour of the marina and the lagoon and he would deliver fresh French baked goods to your boat. He would call up on the VHF and ask in his lovely French accent, "This is de French Bakeur would you like me to stop by." then if you wanted he would come and sell you fresh baguettes and croissants. I practised my French on him but it was mightily confusing trying to remember to say merci beaucoup, instead of gracious!!!
His almond croissants were delicious, good thing we have left or I would added a much unwanted extra few pounds.
We are in Tenacatita today and had a lovely trip up a river. It is referred to in the cruising guides as the jungle river dinghy trip. As we started the river channel was fairly wide with mangroves closely bunched on both shores. The channel became narrower and narrower until you were riding along under a canopy of trees with tendrils of mangroves reaching into the water from the overhanging branches, it was really dark and cool under the canopy. I thought the buck brush in the NWT was hard to make your way through, you would have to have a machete or chain saw to make your way any distance through this maze of branches and vines. The birds would fly off the branches and ahead of the boats down the waterway, we saw quite a few different looking birds and I will have to get out the bird book and look them up. After an hour we arrived at a little beach town. We walked along until we came to the spot called the aquarium. The beach was pebbly near the water and there was coral mixed in with the pebbles. Once in the water there was a coral reef close to shore that had a ton of different kind of fish swimming around. There were quite a few new fish there that I hadn't seen before, it was great. I had a delicious seafood soup for lunch at one of the palapas and then we headed back. Once back at the beach there was a game of bocce ball in progress and others were playing Mexican train dominoes. There is going to be a volleyball game happening this afternoon so I think I will take part in that. They also have horses to rent down the beach that may be a possibility as well. All is well in paradise.